Blue Cat's Flanger - VST

Blue Cat's Flanger - VST 3.01

You can obtain a wide range of sounds with this plug-in

Blue Cat's Flanger will help you to create a wide variety of sounds and ranges with this plug-in. The effect is very versatile; you can make it sound very harsh and metallic or the opposite of very soft. Blue Cat's Flanger has included factory presets that will have you exploring its capabilities.

This effect first became popular in the 70's and 80's and can be used on almost any audio track; from a subtle effect, to a deep alien-like voice effect to drums, to voices or guitars. You're only limited by your creativity. The end result is a mono effect. This means that it will alter the sound that you have created the same way on the left and right channels of your audio signal.

The Blue Cat's Flanger Audio standards are high to ensure the best quality product as a result. There is a Native DSP Code for optimal performance and a silent (zipper-free) parameters update. They have also included full automation support and when the plug-in is fed with silence, the processing smoothly shuts down. This will help to optimize the CPU usage of your digital ausdio workstation. The easy user-interface makes working on the software all the more easier.

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